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YogaBeyond: Follow your Bliss: Love, Partnership, and Communication.

Does “Yoga” come to mind when you think of the word “Communication”? YogaBeyond founders Honza and Claudine reveal this in and more in our interview today.

Namaste yogis,

This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to The Yoga Revealed Podcast! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing not one, but two awesome YOGIS! Honza and Claudine. This dynamic duo known as “YogaBeyond” travel the world sharing the beauty of partner yoga.  Listen in as they take us on a journey of worldwide discovery while finding trust, balance, and strength in their thriving relationship.

Keep your sights to the sky and get ready to FLY on this dynamic episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast; with power couple Honza and Claudine also know as YogaBeyond!

You can find out more about Honza and Claudine at www.YogaBeyond.com  For more information on their partner acrobatic training check out their website or drop into one of their many “AcroVinyasa” trainings, festivals, or workshops. Be sure to follow their travels around the world on Instagram @YogaBeyond

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